Raliegh classic & Cheer

You, your parents or your children will no-doubt have those halcyon day photo album memories of growing up with your trusty Raleigh of Nottingham bicycle. If you were like us then your Raleigh bike WAS part of the Family.

Well, whilst we all got busy with more growing up (ish) Raleigh bikes never went away.

And now those halcyon days are back, only this time they are electric!

All the knowledge and reliability of one of the world’s most iconic bicycle brands has been plugged directly into their ebikes.

If that wasn’t enough most of the range features motors designed and manufactured by Bosch. Another globally trusted household name.

That’s belt and braces and winner winner chicken dinner combined! And all at a price point that the competition can’t match.

Designed in a range of different sizes and shapes to fit your different sizes and shapes.

Demonstration models in stock for you to try either at your home or round ours.

Give us a knock, we’ll be playing out back!

Wisper 905 torque crossbar


When we first started on the project that was to become Smilebikes we knew we wanted Wisper bicycles to be a part of our family.

Wisper are a British company with an ethos in line with our own. They are as passionate about e bikes and spreading the ebike word as we are and just as helpful and approachable. Their support, we have found is second to none. Which helps us to help you.

Ebikes are what they do. Their bikes are well thought out and lovingly made, as well as great value and competitively priced, and all assembled at their factory in the beautiful Kent countryside.

Their range extends from the econoqual SE models (economy + quality = econqual, see what we did there!) to the mid-range Torque series for when you’re serious about commuting but just as serious about having fun! They are all available in a range of frame designs to suit your needs; folding, step-thru and conventional crossbar.

Wisper aren’t afraid to shout! They also offer cutting edge electric mountain bikes and e road bikes that are more than a match for anything else around.

We’ve always got a stock of Wispers in a range of sizes for you to try out, either at the shop or at home.

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Our Range

Step Through

We adore step-thru’s! Once upon a time they were only for girls! But nowadays they are just as good for boys! Grown up girls and boys at that! The ultimate unisex design.

So easy to get on and off, especially brilliant if you’re not quite as mobile as you maybe once were.

Top Tube

The classic double diamond design.

Still the strongest, full of style and always relevant.

If you want to get there fast, this frame is probably for you.


Open, a new frame design from Raleigh. For those that can’t quite choose between a step-thru or a crossbar, Raleigh has developed the stylish new Open. It’s quite possibly the best of both worlds and certainly a great mix of fashion and function for the open-minded!

Fold Up

In need of space? Then a fold up could be the solution. Modern design makes them a synch to fold and un fold, once they are unfolded hey presto you also have our favourite step thru frame design!

Brilliant for commuting by train or taking away in a caravan or motorhome or that cramped shed or even under the desk in the office! Now you can take your bike to the ball or holiday or work or …