Tenways Range – CGO 600 Pro & CGO 800s

Tenways is a Dutch Ebike firm with Ebikes that we firmly believe are the second wave of the Ebike. Lighter, simpler. cleaner, cooler and more inclusive.

Tenways has a new way of doing things, using modern technology to make Ebikes simple, easy and more accessible.

We have demo models in stock for you to try along our idylic countryside lanes.

Simplifying the Ebike experience

Tenways new innovative technology has enabled them to simplify the riding and ownership of an Ebike for all.

No gears, no chain, low maintenance – Just simple & enjoyable assisted riding.

(800s and 600Pro)

Stylish, lightweight & practical

The sleek lines and contemporary features make Tenways bikes look so stylish! The CGO 600 Pro weighs in at just 16kg and the 800s is not far behind at 19kg (excluding accessories)

Adjustable & customisable

The 800s comes in just one size, adjustable to fit most people between 5ft1 and 6ft3, perfect if you would like to share the bike with somebody else.

There is a range of Tenways specific accessories and extras available, allowing you to design it specifically to your needs. These accessories include panniers, racks, phone mounts, mudguards and even a secondary battery if you wish to ride further!

Tenways Mobile App

The optional Tenways Mobile app integrates seamlessly with your bike to further enhance your riding experience. The app has many useful functions, one of which being the built in navigation with real-time speed feedback on screen.

It also gives you more intuitive ride recordings and detailed data on each of your rides.


Tenways Electric Bikes redefine the cycling experience through cutting-edge technology and precision-engineered components. Each ride is an exhilarating performance, showcasing the brand’s commitment to innovation.

Advanced Motor Systems and Responsive Controls

With advanced motor systems, responsive controls, and smart technology integration, Tenways sets a new standard in electric mobility. Riders can expect not just transportation but an elevated journey where technology and cycling prowess converge seamlessly. Explore the perfect synergy with Tenways Electric Bikes and experience innovation and performance like never before.


Easily lifted with a single hand.

Waterproof design

Primed for all-weather cycling.

Concise display

All the data you need. Super easy to read.

40 mm road tires

Extra width, extra traction.

Hydraulic disc brakes

All-weather stopping power.

Sleek mudguards

Utility meets good look.