Ride To Work – Save up to 42% on an Ebike and Accessories!

We think cycle to work schemes are great, helping to give more people all the wonderful physical & mental health benefits of cycling. 

If you are employed PAYE then you may be able to save up to 42% off the price of a new ebike and accessories and also spread the costs over time through salary sacrifice. It’s almost a no brainer!

SmileBikes belongs to a number of the Cycle to Work schemes including Cyclescheme, Halfords Cycle2work, Vivup and the Green commute initiative. If your Company belongs to a scheme that we are not currently part of we can link to that as well.

Here is a handy video from Cyclescheme to explain how it all works.

The steps to buying your Cycle to work ebike through Smilebikes.

  1. Ask your employer if they currently run a cycle to work scheme (if not send them our way and we can help then to set one up)
  2. Make an appointment to come see and us at the shop and try out some ebikes for yourself along our countryside test route.
  3. Once you have chosen your ebike, Smilebikes will send you a quotation.
  4. Hand the quotation to your employer.
  5. You will receive a certificate in the post/online
  6. Smilebikes delivers your new bike and gear.
  7. SMILE!

Our Favourite Schemes


Probably the most popular scheme in the land, very quick and hassle free.

Halfords Ride To Work

Although it’s Halford’s own scheme, as an independent bicycle shop we are also signed up to it. So if your employer uses this scheme you can still purchase through us and reap the extra benefits.

Green Commute Initiative

A more green approach to a ride2work scheme and lightning fast in processing with no spend cap as standard.


A Cycle to work scheme that specializes in NHS employees although not limited too.