Ebike Servicing

Like any mode of transport, electric bikes need regular maintenance to keep them running smoothly and safely.

We offer a complimentary 6-8 week ‘check up’ service to our customers. After this, an annual service is suggested to keep your Ebike running smoothly and it is required to validate your warranty.

Complimentary 6-12 week service for our customers

We offer our customers a complimentary service 6-8 weeks after buying their new Ebike. During your first few rides, components may naturally move & settle and cables may stretch which will require our adjustment.

Please get in contact with us to arrange your service. If you cannot get your bike to us, we offer a collection service at a small fee.

Ebike Servicing

*Please make sure that we receive all keys for bike locks and battery locks and if possible your battery should be fully charged.

Annual Service -
£120 for Smilebike customers, £140 for Ebikes bought elsewhere.

A comprehensive annual service that will have your bike riding as good as new for another year.

(Also required for warranty purposes of your Bosch/Yamaha ebike)

This includes:

  • Whole bike cleaned and degreased
  • Gears and brakes inspected , brake pads / rotors inspected.
  • All cables checked inspected.
  • All bolts & fastenings checked & torqued.
  • Wheels removed  and inspected.
  • Wheels trued and re tensioned.
  • Tyres inspected and inflated to correct pressure
  • Drivetrain checked for wear,  degreased and lubricated. 
  • Bearings checked and adjusted
  • Diagnostic service /software and firmware updates installed. (Bosch/Yamaha/Shimano/Mahle)
  • Road ride by mechanic to test & re-tune

*Components that are part worn and in our experience will not last until the next service will be replaced with the component costs being on top of the service charge. If the following require replacement we will do so without contacting you unless agreed before service, 

Chain, front chainwheel, rear cassette or cog. Brake pads. Cables.

For any other replacements, we will contact you to discuss.

The labour costs of fitting replacement parts is free as part of the service charge. 

*Excluding Tannus Armour inserts fitting – £30 per wheel, Including Tannus size specific innertube. (Not including the price of the inserts themselves).

Our Promise: We promise that we will not use cheap/ inferior replacement parts. Instead we will either replace with the original or if not available a product equal to or higher quality will be used from a named brand.Such as KMC/Shimano/Sram/Schwalbe, etc. Any electrical components that need replacing will be from the original manufacturers only.

Replacement tyres: We will mostly suggest something from The Schwalbe E-bike specific Marathon line up for most models (A  little more expensive but also in the long run the the most frugal decision). Other brands are available and we will always consult with you on tyre replacement. 

Booking is essential

Booking is essential. Please email or phone to arrange your service.

We ask that you leave your bike with us while your service is completed. Depending on our workload, serviced Ebikes are usually ready to collect within a couple of days.

Non Electric bike servicing:

As we are solely a specialist electric bike shop we have decided not to offer servicing and repairs on non electric bikes. Preferring to use our expertise where it can bring the most value to our customers.

For non ebike repairs we recommend the following two mobile mechanics whom we have worked closely with for years:

Gary Curtis, Based in Norwich: 07964 765658

Peter Woods (Cycle Medic), Based in Norwich: 07887 396883