The Wisper Wayfarer
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Choose a frame?

Step through or Crossbar

Choose a motor?

50Nm Hub Drive or 100Nm Mid Drive

Choose a battery

450Wh standard range or 700Wh long range

Choose a colour

Iridium Silver is only available on Mid Drive bikes. Deep Red or Deep Blue are only available on Hub Drive bikes

Choose a style

CityAdventure or Mountain

Front Rack

Choose whether you would like a Front Rack fitted to your bike
The Wisper Wayfarer…
a New Concept
The Wisper Wayfarer a first in the cycling industry.  The Wayfarer has been designed from the wheels up as a 27.5″ eMountain Bike.  Mountain bikes are comfortable, safe, strong and easy to ride.  We added strong anchor points for a chain guard, kick stand, luggage racks and our purpose built extra wide, tough aluminium mudguards.  We then made a second frame without the crossbar, offering riders a step-through e-bike with eMTB DNA.

The Wayfarer offers three distinct riding styles based on the same frame.

Wayfarer City

Perfect for commuters, shoppers and those that want leisurely rides in the country.  We utilise all the anchor points, adding front and rear mudguards, a rear rack and kick stand. For comfort, low noise and low rolling resistance we fit Kenda Town and Country tyres suitable for metaled roads and well made tracks.

Wayfarer Mountain

Completely stripped back but fitted with Schwalbe Smart Sam Performance, DD, RaceGuard, 27.5” x 2.6” tyres with extra safe Double Defence puncture protection so there is nothing to get in the way of an exhilarating day in the hills.

Wayfarer Adventure

Built for the more adventurous. We fit Schwalbe Smart Sam Performance, DD, RaceGuard, 27.5” x 2.6” tyres with extra safe Double Defence puncture protection that fit neatly under the existing wide Aluminium mudguards. Ready for more adventurous away from the road riding.  Perfect for the hills and dales with huge grip and control in the dust, gravel, grass and mud.

Mid Drive or Rear Hub Drive?

Although very different, neither one is better than the other. The choice though is very important and will change from person to person depending on where the bike is to be ridden and your riding style.  IMPORTANT: 50Nm measured at the hub is almost exactly the same as 100Nm measured at the crank axle. Both motors have the same power 250W nominal.



Specify your new Wisper Wayfarer in very much the same way as you would a new car…

  1. Choose a frame? Step through or Crossbar 
  2. Choose a motor? 50Nm Hub Drive or 100Nm Mid Drive 
  3. Choose a battery 450Wh standard range or 700Wh long range
  4. Choose a colour Iridium Silver is only available on Mid Drive bikes. Deep Red or Deep Blue are only available on Hub Drive bikes
  5. Choose a style CityAdventure or Mountain

Frome these six simple choices you can create your own bespoke Wisper Wayfarer!

Here are some examples:


Wisper Wayfarer Step Through or Crossbar version

Crossbar and Step Through with rear hub drive from £1,750
Crossbar and Step Through with mid drive from £2,500

Factory fitted extras

City Pack £0
Adventure Pack £100.00
700Wh long range battery £250
Front basket £100.00