Something to SHOUT about!

When we first started on the project that was to become Smilebikes we knew we wanted Wisper bicycles to be a part of our family.

Wisper are a British company with an ethos in line with our own. They are as passionate about e bikes and spreading the e bike word as we are and just as helpful and approachable. Their support, we have found is second to none. Which helps us to help you.

E bikes is what they do. Their bikes are well thought out and lovingly made, as well as great value and competitively priced, and all assembled at their factory in the beautiful Kent countryside.

Their range extends from the econoqual SE models (economy + quality = econqual, see what we did there!) to the mid-range Torque series for when you’re serious about commuting but just as serious about having fun! They are all available in a range of frame designs to suit your needs; folding, step-thru and conventional crossbar.

Wisper aren’t afraid to shout! They also offer cutting edge electric mountain bikes and e road bikes that are more than a match for anything else around.

We’ve always got a stock of Wispers in a range of sizes for you to try out, either at the shop or at home.

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Our Range from Wisper