Jorvik Odin PLUS Electric Mountain Trike (250W)

Electric Bikes

Smile Price: £2199.99

Here at smilebikes we absolutely love the Odin 250.  Originally designed for off road use but fully road legal. It’s a gentle, confidence inspiring machine that’s simply great for everybody!

Practical and stable (have you seen the size of those tyres !) with smooth power assistance that will get you up EVERY hill.

Forget so called “mobility scooters “.  The Odin 250 gives you freedom & independence and the right kind of exercise for you.  All in a package that also great fun.
Smilebikes always has an Odin 250 in stock ready for you to test ride at our shop  and in-house cafe or at your home.

The Jorvik Odin Plus 250 True Threedom that’ll make you smile ?

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